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Tuesday Jul 29 2014

Royal Decree (posted 8:57)

The Queen has announced today, through Chamberlain Figaro, the introduction of a new Tax, on goods leaving the mainland. This Tax will deduct 2% from the returns on Shipping Voyages, a fact that is said to have caused some distress in the South Sea Company.

New Painting (posted 6:40)

Need a painting in your house but dislike the Royal Family? Now you can use this painting of Amadeus.

Filling Foods (posted 1:55)

The following foods are now Filling : BooBoo Cupcake, Buttered Mushroom (no longer hearty), Crab Pie, Gift Pie, Gloat Stew, Kuak Cupcake, Uttaku Stew, Winter Pudding

Princess Amalda (posted 0:51)

So ... where exactly is Princess Amalda anyway? That's what inquiring voices are starting to ask. All that Chamberlain Figaro will say is that she is "resting for her health". For that matter where is Count Mirglin, once King Regibald's staunchest supporter (and some say Spymaster). Has he paid the ultimate price for taking a stand against the Queen ... Owners Save Her, when she was vying for the throne?

Sunday Jul 27 2014

Groph of the Week (posted 0:01)

A new Groph of the Week has been added today.

Congratulations to Queen Maleficent ,owned by Prince Charming (David_Boreanaz), for being the Dark Butterfly!

Some of the most graceful and elegant specials are Butterfly Grophs, which were introduced in July of 2012. Awarded Groph of the Week is Queen Maleficent, a most exotic and intense lady, the darkest beauty of the Butterflies!

Saturday Jul 26 2014

New Omelet Mites (posted 1:37)

Flat's Omelet Mite Circus has returned today, along with 8 new costumed Omelet Mites to buy! You can also buy the original wild Omelet Mites in his new Circus shop!

Thursday Jul 24 2014

Weighted Net Change (posted 4:24)

The Weighted Net, which was used during the Omelet Fair to catch Omelet Mites, has been converted into a weapon. It can be used once per battle, to inflict a dodge and accuracy bonus for a few rounds.

Wednesday Jul 23 2014

Lottery Results (posted 12:00)

A new Lottery has been drawn!

The Lottery draw for this week was 17-02-14-15-18

66 tickets were sold and 10 prizes were won!

Sadly no one won the Jackpot this week, so it will rollover to next week

3 tickets matched 4 numbers

7 tickets matched 3 numbers

Royal Portraits (posted 7:26)

Designed to be hung in your Dollshouse, these Royal Portraits are now on sale in the castle.

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