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Tuesday Dec 01 2015

Harpoons away! (posted 14:57)

It has been a while since the South Sea Company has stocked something new, but this harpoon, brought all the way from Chak-Chak, is yours for the having.

Lord of Kuak Contest (posted 14:45)

Fancy your Groph as the Lord of Winter? Take a look over at the General forum to enter the contest!

Thursday Nov 26 2015

Kuak is icumen in, Lhude sing booboo! (posted 6:03)

Kuak is coming, and with it the great 12-days of Kuak giveaway! We are eagerly seeking submissions of art and items for it in the features forum, so lets see your art!

Sunday Nov 22 2015

Groph of the Week (posted 0:01)

A new Groph of the Week has been added today.

Congratulations to Ruby ,owned by MeiShu (MeiShu), for being the Bottle Cleaning Day 1115!

"What? Were you raised in a barn?! Clean up after yourself for once or I'll give you a sound dusting with my duster! Humph!"

Friday Nov 20 2015

Bug fix in combat (posted 18:15)

I think after a long time I have finally solved the 'error in eval()' bug that has dogged combat for ... well forever!

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