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Thursday Apr 24 2014

The Coronation! (posted 4:47)

The Race for the Throne is over, and it is time for the coronation. Visit the castle to view it, and have your Groph's attend. The Coronation page will remain up for a few days to give everyone a chance to take a look. Just visit the Keep and go to the Throne Room.

Wednesday Apr 23 2014

New Goinkers! (posted 16:55)

Everyone loves Goinkers, so here are two new Goinkers for everyone to love!

Lottery Results (posted 12:00)

A new Lottery has been drawn!

The Lottery draw for this week was 16-13-01-17-10

21 tickets were sold and 2 prizes were won!

Sadly no one won the Jackpot this week, so it will rollover to next week

2 tickets matched 3 numbers

New Features and Changes (posted 9:50)

Features Added

  • The Welcome Quest now has a new stage, involving an introduction to Alchemy.
  • The Help for Alchemy is now in General Help, rather than items
  • The Help for Alchemy has been updated to include information on tools
  • The Tools page now links to the help for Alchemy
  • The Shop Search box no longer suggests the names of unreleased items
  • Search suggestions now work after you have searched for something and are searching again
  • When characters post on the forums their names now properly appear as the thread author.
  • Backgrounds now have a preview in the Grophlopedia.

Tuesday Apr 22 2014

The Race is done, Margaritte is Queen (posted 9:46)

The Race for the Throne is over, and the result is that Margaritte, also known as The Duchess, is the new Queen of the Mainland. Both The Duchess and Princess Binia have posted statements to the public on the General forum, and the Princess has announced the wonderful news that she is to be married!

This ends the main portion of the Race for the Throne plot. The Coronation will be in 2 days, and new pages for the Chamberlain, Princess Amalda, and the like will appear soon. Thanks to everyone who took part in this enjoyable plot!

Sunday Apr 20 2014

Groph of the Week (posted 0:01)

A new Groph of the Week has been added today.

Congratulations to Moose ,owned by Whisperer (seth101), for being the Standing Strong Groph!

Standing strong in the wake of our land's recent tragedy, this old groph seems determined to do his bit toward maintaining some semblance of law and order while other powers struggle for the throne.

Saturday Apr 19 2014

Funeral Background (posted 11:32)

Available today in the Castle Keep

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