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Wednesday Jul 23 2014

Lottery Results (posted 12:00)

A new Lottery has been drawn!

The Lottery draw for this week was 17-02-14-15-18

66 tickets were sold and 10 prizes were won!

Sadly no one won the Jackpot this week, so it will rollover to next week

3 tickets matched 4 numbers

7 tickets matched 3 numbers

Royal Portraits (posted 7:26)

Designed to be hung in your Dollshouse, these Royal Portraits are now on sale in the castle.

Tuesday Jul 22 2014

Royal Gallery (posted 12:30)

Did you not get a chance to see the artwork and animation we featured in the Regency / Monarchy plot ... or did you maybe just want to see them over again? Either way you can head on over to the new Royal Gallery (in the Keep) to take a look!

Monday Jul 21 2014

New Guild Upgrades! (posted 8:40)

To go with Spicy! (released earlier) there is now a whole column of cooking related Upgrades!

Features Added

  • Editing or Posting a new Forum message now has a new header with links back to the board/thread.
  • There is a new type of food, filling. Filling food heals double for a Groph above 1/2 Health.

Sunday Jul 20 2014

Groph of the Week (posted 0:01)

A new Groph of the Week has been added today.

Congratulations to Bluebud Bird ,owned by The White (The White), for being the Beautiful Butterfly!

Some of the most graceful and elegant specials are Butterfly Grophs, which were introduced in July of 2012. Awarded Groph of the Week is Bluebud Bird, a most fair and charming example of the beautiful Butterflies!

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