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Monday May 23 2016

New Omelet (posted 14:36)

Flat wants you to know that there is no need to feel downhearted about not defeating the Star Beast! Flat has produced a new Omelet recipe! Enjoy!

Sunday May 15 2016

Fight Captain Darcy (posted 11:39)

Captain Darcy has made his way down to the Combat Pit and is happy to take on all challengers. He isn't very good, but he fights with gusto!

Groph of the Week (posted 0:01)

A new Groph of the Week has been added today.

Congratulations to Rush ,owned by creepingbane (creepingbane), for being the Grophland Birthday Groph!

It seems this groph couldn't decide on what to wear so she layered several options which caught the eye of the gropherazzi. Her smile and radiant beauty along with her attire makes her a perfect pick for Grophlands Birthday celebration.

Friday May 13 2016

New Items (posted 15:17)

A couple of new items today, and a redraw of an old one. Note that the pattern doesn't make anything quite yet.

Friday May 06 2016

New Features & Changes (posted 13:21)

Features Added

  • More help has been added to the various collection quest pages
  • The Coin shop will now display more coins on larger screens
  • Your Cave will now display corectly on phones
  • The Sage is no longer forcing everyone to look at her tablet when they are trying to get to the shop
  • The Tramp no longer claims to be located in the Sage
  • Displays of courses on offer at training areas are slightly improved
  • The TopWebRPG vote button has been removed

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