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Thursday Apr 17 2014

Madwoman in the Attic! (posted 5:00)

Rejoice (or despair) the final stage of the Race for the Throne is upon us! Full details are in the General forum.

Wednesday Apr 16 2014

Lottery Results (posted 12:00)

A new Lottery has been drawn!

The Lottery draw for this week was 13-10-15-16-14

20 tickets were sold and 1 prizes were won!

Sadly no one won the Jackpot this week, so it will rollover to next week

1 tickets matched 3 numbers

Monday Apr 14 2014

Find Mirglin! (posted 6:45)

Is it possible that Princess Amalda, the eldest of Archibald's children, is still alive? Only Count Mirglin knows the truth for sure. It's time to find him and find out what he knows!

The next stage of the Race for the Throne is ready. As usual visit Binia in the Forest or The Duchess in the Castle to get your mission!

New Features and Changes (posted 4:54)

Features Added

  • The Healing Fairy Quest will now un-hide accidentally hidden Jujus
  • The Pyramid will no longer accept un-deletable items being placed under it
  • Catriss is no longer offering to heal the dead King
  • The quest box on Dr Mux no longer covers the title bar
  • The Broken Ring Pieces for the Ring of 5 Parts, the Broken Gem Pieces for the Binia Quest and the Parts for the Sunken quest compass can no longer be accidentally deleted.
  • Right-handed text-bubbles now display correctly on cave backgrounds.

Sunday Apr 13 2014

Groph of the Week (posted 0:01)

A new Groph of the Week has been added today.

Congratulations to Pooky ,owned by Tiermann (tiermann), for being the Mourner of the King!

Pooky is one of many a groph who shed tears for the passing of the king. He holds up his candle in remembrance.

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