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Random Groph


Grophland has thousands of items, with many more added all the time. Many of these items are parts of themes which players actively collect, like butterflies, fish, artefacts, potions, pets, gemstones and more. Special display cases, like fish tanks, flower vases, and gem cases, allow you to hold these collections and display them on your internal lookup for other players. While most of our items can be bought in the many site shops, or are part of annual events, many others are only available if you can solve complex puzzles, work out alchemical recipies at the Wizard, defeat the right monsters, or complete quests.

Here are a random selection of items (reload the page to see a different set).

Green Shell Necklace

Golden Omelet

Dream Shield

Linger Snowman


Still need more things to collect? As well as the basic free avatars anyone can use, and the ability to purchase your own custom avatars, there are also many secret avatars around the site as well. Have a look at the page on puzzles for more.

Darkness avatar
Air avatar
Earth avatar
Water avatar
Master avatar
bronze avatar